With Glenn & Steve

A Podcast for Bible Searchers.

Taking a cue from Paul, Reasoning Through the Bible is an expository style walk through the Scriptures. Reviewing both Old and New Testament books, as well as topical subjects, the hosts methodically show how Scripture is one cohesive story. Critical Thinking with a little bit of Apologetics and you have what this podcast is about. Join Glenn and Steve as they reason with you through the Bible.

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Series Episodes

All Book Study Series

This page has all of our book study series

Topical Study Series

This series discusses different topics related to general understanding of Scripture

Essential - Non-Essential Doctrine

This series discusses several doctrines which are essential to the Christian faith and some non-essential

What People Say

Glenn Smith does an excellent job getting your heart and mind focused on God's Word. He brings clarity and understanding; as he effectively backs up his opinions with solid doctrine. Glenn facilitates a deeper insight of scripture; both thought provoking and comforting. You will be enlightened by his teachings.
Great content - thank you for the encouragement and scriptures to help us defend our faith and articulate the hope we have in Christ. KB
I had the privilege of having Glenn as a Bible teacher for about ten years. I looked forward each week to attending as he opened God’s word and taught His truths. Glenn used a verse by verse approach to teach. Not only did he teach from the scriptures on each lesson, but many times he tied in events from history that brought scripture into focus. Glenn is very knowledgeable of God’s word and is an excellent teacher and witness for the Lord.
Excellent walkthrough of Bible I’ve greatly enjoyed Glenn and Steve’s expository approach to scripture as well as their thoughts and lessons on biblical topics. K
Much needed podcast! Excellent walk through the Bible. Verse by verse analysis and explanation to go deep into God’s word but in simple ways that are easy to understand. With the conversation between Glenn and Steve I can not only understand what God is teaching me but how each bible story is really a reflection about my own humanity. Thank you guys. Blessings! V
I've been a Bible student and have taught children and women the Scriptures for over 25 years. Your teaching on this passage of James, brothers, is so rich that I'm going to listen to it again and again. This podcast is becoming better and better. It beats me why you don't have more followers, but continue in prayer for you and your ministry and trust the Lord will grant you increase in His Perfect Timing. TA

Meet Your Hosts

Glenn has been teaching the Bible for over 20 years. His interests are explaining the Bible in a clear manner, reasons and evidences for Christianity, and studying essential theology.  He has an MA in Apologetics and Philosophy from Southern Evangelical Seminary, M.Ed. from the University of Houston, and a graduate certificate in Instructional Design. 

His career has been in job skills training. Glenn recharges his batteries by entering the forest looking for nature’s secrets, woodworking, planting fruit trees and watching them die. 

He has been married 41 years to his wife Jeanie and has three children.

Glenn Smith

Steve has been teaching the Bible for 20 plus years from preteen age children through adults.  He has also led several Precept Inductive Bible Study classes through these years. 

Steve’s career has involved retail grocery, global logistics and project management. His hobbies include reading non-fiction history, a bit of photography, and enjoying all day sessions of smoking briskets, ribs, and other meats. 

Steve was married to Tina for 36 years before her passing in 2016 and has three children. 

Steve Allem